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PayByFlip makes it easy to expand and automate your repair business.

We provide you with shipping and management tools to help automate and expand your repair business. Use one of our widgets on your website to allow customers to mail you their devices for repair or schedule a time to drop them off.

Our Pricing Plans.

Our plans are designed to meet the requirements of both small and large businesses. Get the right plan that suits you.

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  • Automatic Label Generation
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Frequently asked questions

Shoot us an email if your questions isn't listed here. We'll get to you within 24 hours

How did PayByFlip start?

We started as an automation tool for device 'Flippers', it allowed them to buy devices from customers 24/7 via mail ins. We quickly noticed the lack of available software for repair shops and decided to fill that gap.

How does PayByFlip work?

We provide you with a widget you can add to your website, whenever a repair order is made via your widget we generate a shipping label.

Will sensitive data of my customers be secure with PayByFlip?

Yes! We encrypt all sensitive information (addresses, phone numbers), all payment information is processed and stored by Paypal.

How much does PayByFlip cost?

You're charged $25 monthly to use PayByFlip and then charged for each label generated. There's no additional "label" fees, we charge you what we're charged by our shipping provider.

What happens if a label is generated and not used?

If a label has not been scanned within seven days we'll automatically refund it!

Will I get a refund if am not satisfied with PayByFlip?

Yes! We guarentee you will be satisfied with PayByFlip or we'll give you your money back!